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pauline bradley - dealing with anxiety

Experiencing some stress and anxiety are normal in meeting the challenges of everyday life but sometimes the fight or flight mechanism can get out of control and adversely effect our ability to function. We may find ourselves unable to concentrate, eat or sleep properly. Our relationships may suffer as we become irritable or withdrawn. We may also experience anxiety and stress in the body in the form of chest tightness, headaches, palpitations or breathing difficulties. We may suffer other long term health conditions such as IBS, high blood pressure, poor immunity etc. Sometimes our anxiety is so extreme we may experience a panic attack which can be very frightening and debilitating.

My aim is to work with you  to get at the root of the stress and anxiety, what triggers it and what techniques you can use to cope with or overcome it. Through understanding what is happening in your mind and body you will be better equipped to manage stress and anxiety by changing your unhelpful thinking patterns and finding ways to relax and calm the body down.

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For a brief phone consultation to to discuss how I may be able to help with Anxiety please contact me on 087 6383988 or click on the button below

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