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pauline bradley - relationship counselling

When relationships go wrong they can make our life a misery whether it’s in our home, our community or workplace. Conflict in relationships may cause us to feel anxious, powerless angry or resentful.

I have a particular interest in how people relate to each other and how this is often rooted in our developmental history. Counselling whether it’s one to one, couple or family therapy, can provide the space to explore the dynamics of the relationship, the nature of the conflict and look at ways of resolving that conflict if possible. So, if the conflict is with your partner, ex-partner, your boss, your work colleague, a family member, friend or associate, its worth taking the time out to look at it and deal with it before it disintegrates causing further suffering.

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For a brief phone consultation to to discuss how I may be able to help with Relationships please contact me on 087 6383988 or click on the button below

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