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Pauline Bradley - depression

Depression is a common problem and anyone can be affected at any time, whether it is caused by a specific trauma or a culimation of multiple life problems.


There are many different symptoms of depression. Sufferers may feel worthless, suffer from negative thinking patterns, suicidal thoughts (ideation) and have little confidence or low self esteem. This, in turn, may make them become socially withdrawn with little or no motivation to do the things they used to enjoy. At times people in the grips of depression can barely function. 


Using a cognitive based mindfulness approach I will work with you to identify and challenge any limiting beliefs and particular behaviours that may be keeping you stuck in a depressive loop. Together we will work out a wellness strategy to get you back on track and prevent or limit further episodes of depression.

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For a brief phone consultation to to discuss how I may be able to help with Depression please contact me on 087 6383988 or click on the button below

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