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Pauline BradLEy - My ApproACH

I am an experienced therapist, facilitator and supervisor. I connect with people, whether individually or in a group environment, and draw from an eclectic background to help them realise their full potential and develop as individuals.

I would describe my approach to counselling  as integrationist, reflecting my initial training which had a firm theoretical underpinning of person centered, psychodynamic and CBT approaches. I also draw widely from other disciplines including positive psychology, cognitive based mindfulness and life coaching.


I have a particular interest in how people relate to each other and how this is rooted in their developmental history. I provide counselling for, personal relationships, work-based relationships and loss of relationships through bereavement or break-up.  I also focus on stress and anxiety management and coping with external crises. 


As well as being a counsellor I am a qualified life coach and NLP practitioner and use these skills to motivate clients who have become stuck, suffer from low self confidence, or negative thinking patterns.

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If you would like a brief phone consultation to find out more about my services please contact me on 087 6383988 or click on the button below

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